Corona case

Crossing the border into Californiathe year-old picked carrots and melons in the Imperial Valley for three months before moving on north to the Sacramento Valley. Ng was not able to answer how much was the price of the Bellagio penthouse; private prosecutor Joseph Joemar Perez moved to subpoena Megaworld's senior vice president for marketing on the next hearing.

His half-brother, Natividad Corona c. Cuevas said that Guingona's statement two days earlier implied that the Senate, as an impeachment court, is higher than the Supreme Court; he stated that "impeachment procedures are still subject to SC's power of review.

The Senate based their subpoenas from documents submitted by the prosecution.

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Rutaquio presented the certificate of title of condominium units at the Bellagio worth In a separate petition, Corona asked for the recusal of Associate Justices Maria Lourdes Sereno and Antonio Carpiowho had been publicly against Corona, and a special raffle on the case.

Enrile was so offended he offered to resign "if somebody cannot accept his rulings. The Senate based their subpoenas from documents submitted by the prosecution. Tupas also clarified that they won't present witnesses as earlier reported.

The trial lasted seven months. He was in charge of hiring workers to staff the local fruit ranches. She testified that Mrs. He believed everyone had died in the flood and that he was living in a land of ghosts.

Using the dissenting opinion by associate justice Maria Lourdes Serenode Lima said that Corona corrected the draft of the decision, and instructed Supreme Court spokesperson Midas Marquez to mislead the public by stating that the restraining order was still in effect even if Arroyo was not able to abide by it.

On December 6,he was stabbed 32 times in his cell because he had bumped into a fellow inmate in a corridor and failed to say, "excuse me. Upon query upon the purpose of Gregonia's testimony, the prosecution said that Corona did not timely disclose the property on SALN.

Hallinan then turned Corona over to the prosecutorRonald Fahey, for cross-examination. Corona's alleged "flip-flopping" on Supreme Court cases.

The defense objected but Enrile allowed Henares to answer. Garcia then said that the AMLC specialist just checked if the accounts were properly labeled, and did not check on the balances.

The prosecution and defense then argued on whether wrong entries in SALN constituted betrayal of public trust, with Tupas quoting Joaquin Bernassaying that "betrayal of public trust" was a "catch-all phrase" covering offenses that may not even amount to crimes.

After a discussion, Enrile orders Custodio to submit a letter detailing the reasons why he should not be cited for contemptand ordered him to return the next day. Garcia said that in order form to follow the Anti-Money Laundering Act, they should label accounts from people such as politicians and government appointees in high positions; this caused them to classify Corona's account under "PEP" or politically-exposed person.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada asked on the prosecution's release of the list to the media, but the prosecution said they did not. The ledger came to be referred to as a "death list" by the prosecution, who alleged it recorded the dates the men were murdered.

Corona purchased the property worth 11 million pesos although she had no recorded income that year. Cayetano asked if there were any discrepancies with Corona's returns from his SALN; Henares answered that Corona failed to fill up the acquisition cost column, and that Corona included some properties on the next year's SALN instead of the year it was purchased.

The prosecution presented documents from alleged Corona properties in Taguig, Makati, and Quezon City. Visnar told the court that the Corona couple fully paid a 9. She then arranged to check if the original documents were still in the vault.

The prosecution said that the list given to them by the Land Registration Authority had 45 items, but they were not bound to abide by those. The defense objected but Enrile allowed Henares to answer.

Impeachment of Renato Corona

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Impeachment of Renato Corona

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Renato Corona, the 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, was impeached on December 12, Corona was the third official, after former President Joseph Estrada in and Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez in Marchto be impeached by the House of Representatives. The Senate, convened as an impeachment court, began the trial on January 16, Decided: 29 May Corona Extra, America’s #1 Import Beer is a pilsner style Lager from Mexico, offering premium refreshment and clean, crisp taste.

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Corona case
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