Amnada knox guilty or innocent

She claimed she spent the evening with him, smoking marijuana, watching the French film Amelie and making love. Italy, yes one of the most beautiful countries in the world, she did choose a good place to go, but now they do this to her.

On October 20, Kercher became romantically involved with Giacomo, after going to a nightclub with him as part of a small group that included Knox.

Knox, meanwhile, been doing press ahead of the documentary release. Guede spent the rest of the night in the basement. But bring in a trained mechanic, and he might notice that the brake pedal, for instance, is worn almost to the metal. They claimed Knox was driven to rage by jealousy towards her British flatmate.

Amanda Knox: Guilty or innocent, five reasons why

She knew few people in Italy. And these were all things But computer experts told the court that there was no activity on his laptop between 9. She told flatmates that she was going to quit because he was not paying her; Lumumba denied this.

There is no in-between," Knox says in a voiceover during the film. The trial judge said that two knives must have been used; the second has never been found. The judge pointedly questioned Knox about a number of details, especially concerning her phone calls to her mother and Romanelli.

Knox, who has been living in the United States since her conviction was overturned, may have to go back to Italy for retrial. But the blade of the knife did not match two out of three of the wounds to her neck.

The prosecution said the fact that Knox falsely accused Lumumba of being the killer was a sign of her own guilt and an attempt to throw them off her trail. I have been a young investigator, and I have supervised eager but inexperienced young investigators.

Crimes are only this complicated in James Bond movies. This raises the question of extradition. None of the anti-Knox crowd seem to accept the obvious — that the guy who was literally convicted of the murder, and whose role in the killing is not disputed, is in fact the killer. I am forever grateful to you.

She didn't deserve that. Guede was not charged with having had a knife. To those that wrote me, that defended me, that stood by me, that prayed for me It would seem to me that you are more biased in her favour, disregarding evidence which suggest her innocence.

There still seems to be no convincing motive for the murder. This was debunked after it was shown that the break-in had been done from the inside. The devious American girl and her Italian boyfriend smoked pot—and had sex. There was the Italy—USA Foundation, and many others that shared my pain and that helped me survive, with hope.

The case is completely flawed in every way. In Knox's book about her experience, Waiting to Be Heard: Double Jeopardy — a few different media outlets have been reporting that it may be double jeopardy under US law for Knox to be tried again. Take the case of William Richards.

Amanda Knox - Guilty Or Innocent? She is innocent!

Most people know that Amanda Knox— "Foxy Knoxy" — is the pretty American student who was arrested and found guilty of the stabbing death of her British roommate in Italy, during a "sex game.

I do not know Amanda Knox. I have never met or spoken with anybody in the Knox or Mellas families. In my 25 years in the FBI, I had come to believe that if you were arrested, you were probably guilty. May 02,  · The Court of Cassation, Italy's Supreme Court, overturned the appellate courts acquittal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, and ordered a new appellate trial.

They were originally found guilty in the trial court, and in Italy an appellate trial is required to affirm or throw out a conviction. This case involves the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Open. Amanda guilty or innocent Knox. 86 likes. Ok, This will be the place where you can say anything about Amanda, either you r agree she is guilty or you.

Oct 03,  · Amanda Knox: Guilty or innocent, five reasons why Complex and conflicting evidence was presented at Amanda Knox’s year-long trial in and at her appeal over the last 10 months.

Mar 27,  · Amanda Knox (AP/Mark Lennihan) Amanda Knox verdict: The real evidence and why (almost) everything you think you know about the case is wrong An Italian court annuls a murder verdict.

Amnada knox guilty or innocent
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