A study of professional wrestling

These personalities are a gimmick intended to heighten interest in a wrestler without regard to athletic ability. Social contracts and marketing ethics. Any outside interference involving a person not involved in the match striking or holding a wrestler.

Follow your dreams with a level head and you are sure to do well. Over one-fifth of the teachers surveyed for this research I understand that usually the good guy prevails, but before he prevails, he has to be run into the ground.

It takes a lot of work both to get to professional level and even more work to stay there. A variant of the draw is the time-limit draw, where the match does not have a winner by a specified time period a one-hour draw, which was once common, is known in wrestling circles as a "Broadway".

This is called a "rope break", and it is one of the most common ways to break a submission hold.

How Viewing Professional Wrestling May Affect Children

Los Angeles Times, pp. Using a 5-point scale that included 1 not at all2 sometimes but not often3 somewhat often4 oftenand 5 very oftenteachers were asked how regularly they had observed each of the following: Training required to become a professional wrestler If you are 18 years old, then get trained in a wrestling school in your area.

Over one-fifth of the teachers surveyed for this research A wrestler with a signature submission technique is portrayed as better at applying the hold, making it more painful or more difficult to get out of than others who use it, or can be falsely credited as inventing the hold such as when Tazz popularized the kata ha jime judo choke in pro wrestling as the "Tazzmission".

While the majority of teachers As is the case in the current study, teacher ratings have been most often used in the assessment of externalizing disorders like outward aggression, as opposed to internalizing disorders like anxiety or depression. Heightened interest results in higher attendance rates, increased ticket sales, higher ratings on television broadcasts which result in greater ad revenuehigher pay-per-view buyrates, and sales of branded merchandise and recorded video footage.

A direct low blow to the groin unless the rules of the match specifically allow this. Knockout[ edit ] Passing out in a submission hold constitutes a loss by knockout. Relative to this ethical theory, pro wrestling and society hold each other responsible for the condition of their mutual existence.

Although a countout can technically be considered a disqualification as it is, for all intents and purposes, an automatic loss suffered as a result of violating a match rulethe two concepts are often distinct in wrestling.

Coming together in such an organization, to connect and to share, should help further the cause of legitimizing professional wrestling studies.

List of professional wrestling television series

Forfeit[ edit ] Although extremely rare, a match can end in a forfeit if the opponent either does not show up for the match, or shows up but refuses to compete. Traditionally, a championship may not change hands in the event of a draw though it may become vacantthough some promotions such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling have endorsed rules where the champion may lose a title by disqualification.

If the referee reaches the count of five, and the wrestler still does not break the hold, he is disqualified. All that is to say that while ratings have been going down bit by bit, the large contingent of hardcore fans continues to watch.

Ethics and target marketing: Fans did not care about legitimacy, they wanted to be entertained. School is not free so you will need to prepare for that, but then again, nothing worth having is free, right. Typically, a match must be declared a "no holds barred" match, a "street fight" or some other term, in order for both disqualifications and countouts to be waived.

Sexually connotative language, gestures, other behavior. By creating significantly violent and sexual content in order to attract to year-old males and at the same time targeting and reaching children, does pro wrestling knowingly market a potentially harmful product to children.

School Psychology Review, 16 2We also knew that television is an extremely different place than it was back during the Monday Night Wars, when WWE and WCW went head-to-head every week in a grab for the majority of the pro wrestling viewing audience.

Retrieved March 9,from http: Students practice what they see at matches. However, the rule is now much more commonly observed for safety reasons. A no contest is a state separate and distinct from a draw — a draw indicates winning conditions were met. The first allowed the teachers to indicate the popularity of pro wrestling among their students.

The study, conducted by Magna Global for SportsBusiness Journalanalyzed live, regular-season game coverage of major sports across both broadcast and cable television inand Sometimes, however, if this happens in a match to determine the challenger for a heel champion's title, the champion is forced to face both opponents simultaneously for the title.

A preliminary comparison of teacher ratings and child self-report of depression, anxiety, and aggression in inpatient and elementary school samples. The best wrestling schools if you want to become a WWE Superstar.

Famous graduates, important faculty, and more. 10 Best Professional Wrestling Schools. Search the site GO. The Beginners Guide to Professional Wrestling. The Worst Tragedies in Wrestling History. A Family Business: The Surprising Ways Pro Wrestlers Are Related. Oct 17,  · In a professional study on the violence in professional wrestling, the researchers studied 10 hours of WWE programming, including both the company’s RAW and Smackdown programs.

Oct 23,  · How to Become a Pro Wrestler. Becoming a pro wrestler requires many of the same athletic and technical skills as those of a traditional, Olympic-style wrestler, but also has many unique aspects.

Professional wrestling, for instance, 86%(65). Professional wrestling as we know it today did not appear one day as a high paced "fake" version of "legitimate" wrestling. In fact, professional wrestling began as pure contest.

Professional wrestling

Americans have been participating in wrestling since as early as May 08,  · Professional wrestling may yield answers to the study of collective behavior by how it uses predicted responses of crowd reactions on a consistent basis.

This achieves a planned outcome that generates the appropriate conclusion for those who control the shows. List of professional wrestling television series. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links A Sociological Study of the Sport of Pro-Wrestling".

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A study of professional wrestling
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